What is a SQL Statement?

By Hemanta Sundaray on 2022-12-22

A SQL statement is text that the database recognizes as a valid command.

Statements always end in a semicolon ;.

CREATE TABLE table_name (
   column_1 data_type,
   column_2 data_type,
   column_3 data_type

Let's break down the components of a statement:

Components of a SQL statement

CREATE TABLE is a clause. Clauses perform specific tasks in SQL. By convention, clauses are written in capital letters. Clauses can also be referred to as commands.

table_name refers to the name of the table that the command is applied to.

(column_1 data_type, column_2 data_type, column_3 data_type) is a parameter. A parameter is a list of columns, data types, or values that are passed to a clause as an argument. Here, the parameter is a list of column names and the associated data type.

Note that the strcuture of SQL statements vary. The number of lines used does not matter. A statement can be written all on one line, or split up across multiple lines if it makes it easier to read.

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